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Welcome to CatchyCash.com!
We are glad to have you visit us and we look forward to doing business together. We are the producers of our paysites and all of our content and we have had great success in this competitive adult industry. Signup here to join us, we do our best to be help you!

04 September 2016: Payouts Sent
All payments for period ending April 15 & July 31, 2016 have been sent today.

05 August 2016: Payouts Sent
All payments for period ending Jun 15 & Jun 30, 2016 have been sent today.

04 July 2016: Payouts Sent
All payments for period ending May 15 & May 31, 2016 have been sent today.

05 Jun 2016: Payouts Sent
All payments for period ending April 15 &April 30, 2016 have been sent today.

10 May 2016: Payouts Sent
All payments for period ending March 15 & March 31, 2016 have been sent today.

04 April 2016: Payouts Sent
All payments for period ending Febrery 15 & Febrery 29, 2016 have been sent today.

07 March 2015: Payouts Sent
All payments for period ending January 15 & January 31, 2016 have been sent today.

Doug (Rabbits Reviews - Director of Marketing)
"We work with well over a thousand sponsors and Catchy Cash is consistently one of our top performers. That's more than impressive. That's bankable."

Roald Riepen (FreeOnes - Business Development Manager)“If you are looking for something different and converting we would strongly suggest to look into Catchy Cash. Great sites and a great team!“

Every week we come out with a large amount of Free Hosting Galleries in multiple format. (WMV, FLV, Pics, MPEG) We offer great FLV clips with different durations to easily fit your needs. We also have a great script to export the fields that you need for your tube script.
We have new banner designs often to keep our promotional tools fresh. With every new content set we also add matching banners. We have free content available to our affiliates that allow them to build the promotional design that they want. All the content is high quality and we make sure to share this with our affiliates.
We have plenty of blogs that are regularly updated with optimized text for search engines and high quality images to improve the conversion. For all the affiliates who want to build picture or movie galleries for their MGP/TGPs or for submission purposes we offer reliable free hosting accounts.
The Catchy Cash team is proud to be a great ‘catcher’ of the fetishes that are around and that people can identify with their own needs. We build these sites producing our own content with high quality photos, videos and tools that are always well oriented to web promotion. This is why our sites are so successful and why so many webmasters choose us to promote these great products. Our member areas are user friendly and regularly updated to keep a unique high level of retention.
Our professional team is continuously working to bring our affiliates the latest promotional tools available in this market. We got accurate RSS Feeds for your blog networks and professional video editions for promotional clips. Inside you will find several types of banners such as static and animated to fit your specific needs. We also have flash and java tools for iframe use and even more importantly, if you need a particular tool, we can build it for you.
Catchy Cash currently offers two pay out programs. The first one is RevShare which pays 60% of each sign up and the second is PPS (Pay Per Signup) which offers a one time payout of $25 for each sign up. This is the regular setting, however we are releasing promos every week increasing the PPS payouts to $50, $75 and even $100. Since we have a great member’s area with regular updates and good retention ratios the RevShare payout program is a good option to keep regular payouts coming in for a long time.
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